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Serendipity Pilates Studio offers small private, semi-private customized classes as well as one on one programs geared to individual needs, goals and experience. Our full service studio equipment covers all your needs and offers the opportunity to work on the reformer, cadillac, spine corrector, chair and barre work.

We take pride in offering our expert services in a fun and safe environment and our clients benefit from a renewed sense of wellness, improved flexibility and increased strength.

Whether you have decided to try Pilates for the first time or you are looking to increase your fitness level and goals we can help. Because we can offer workouts catered to your individual needs you will achieve moves you never thought would be possible. Equal parts of stretches and strength will help you to improve and maintain a consistent level of fitness throughout your life. Improved balance and body awareness will enhance all your activities along with your general sense of well-being. It is a partnership between you and Serendipity Pilates that we both will treasure for years to come.

Who Benefits from Pilates

The simple answer here is everyone. Men, women, children, pregnant and post-natal women, cross training athletes, seniors, physical rehab patients – the list is virtually endless.

And the benefits are not confined to a specific body area. For example Equestrians find that not only does Pilates help them meet the physical demands of horseback riding like inner thigh strength, finding a good seat, and core stability; but it also helps them communicate with their horses with greater ease – bringing together the physical and the mental for a ride that is more enjoyable for both you and your animal.

Equestrian & Pilates

Classes & Pricing

Private Sessions : $55
Private sessions address your personal physical needs and goals in a one on one setting

Duet Sessions : $30/person
The energy of a small group with the personalized attention of a semi-private. Limited to two people per session.

Triplet Sessions : $20/person
Triplet Session Path: Small intensive group classes that build stamina and endurance.


"The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy."
Joseph Pilates


How to Get Started

Step 1
Fill out the form below or call 610 256-0868 to schedule a get acquainted and evaluation session and a tour of the studio.

Step 2
After your evaluation session is complete, we can guide you into the most appropriate class or develop your own personal customized classes.

Step 3
Choose which program best suits your needs and goal and lets get started!

There is no right or wrong choice. Whatever you are most comfortable with will work best. Just remember - consistency is the key to success. We recommend 2-3 sessions a week to maximize and maintain your ultimate physical fitness

"Not one who normally enjoys organized exercise, I found that I have benefited enormously from my weekly sessions with Bertha at Serendipity Pilates, even more so when I was able to fit it in twice weekly. At age 50, I needed more core strength, stability and balance to optimize my productivity, mobility and let's face it, be better able to cope with physical aspects of aging. Bertha makes it fun and I now relish being active and have kissed all the discomfort in my back good bye!"

Brooke White

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